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Note: Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance!
Note: Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance!
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View appointment availability:

We’ve made it easy to browse and book appointments with Medspa visits in Queens, NY. No more endless internet searches and hello to a streamlined booking process.

Reviews and biographies for providers:

We list numerous licensed medical professionals for Medspa visits in Queens, NY. You can open their profile page to read their bio, education, and reviews to determine whether they’re the best fit for you.

Compare pricing by treatment area:

Whether you want to smooth forehead lines or treat TMJ, we allow you to filter by treatment area to compare prices across providers. We’ve confirmed with each provider whether they treat specific areas so you don’t have to.

Botox Appointment Availability:

We’ve made it easy to browse and book appointments with Botox specialists in Queens, NY. No more endless internet searches and hello to a streamlined booking process.

Botox Provider Reviews and Biographies:

We list numerous licensed medical professionals specializing in Botox injections in Queens, NY. You can open their profile page to read their bio, education, and reviews to determine whether they’re the best fit for you. Find the right Botox provider for the right price in Queens, NY with Certainly Health. Read reviews and book an appointment today.
The average cost for Medspa visits in Queens, NY is $325.00, based on a total of 10 data points from providers in Queens, NY.
Certainly Health lists 3 registered nurses, 1 physician assistant, 1 nurse practitioner, and 5 medical doctors that offer Medspa visits in Queens, NY.
A Medspa visit in Queens, NY will cost an average of $390.00 with a medical doctor, $320.00 with a nurse practitioner, $320.00 with a physician assistant, and $220.00 with a registered nurse.
With Certainly's search tool, finding same-day med spa appointments in Queens is simple. Just enter your location to view med spas near you and compare those offering same-day bookings.
Certainly offers med spa services throughout Queens, including Astoria, Flushing, Jamaica, Forest Hills, and more.
Most med spa procedures are cosmetic and elective, so they're usually not covered by health insurance plans. However, there may be some exceptions depending on your provider and the specific treatment. Many med spas also provide flexible payment options to make treatments more affordable.
Since med spa services are typically cosmetic, they generally don't accept insurance coverage.
No, you can book med spa services directly without a referral. However, it's still wise to consult your primary care doctor about any treatments you're considering, as they may suggest alternative solutions for your concerns. The med spa will also provide a pre-appointment consultation to ensure the treatment suits your needs.
Scheduling a med spa appointment online is a breeze with Certainly's platform. Simply search for med spas in your area, compare providers to find the best fit, and book your appointment directly on their profile.
If you prefer a female-owned med spa, Certainly can help. Our platform will show you a list of providers in your area, and you can choose one that meets your preferences.
Many med spas offer flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends. If you need an appointment outside of regular business hours, you can easily find options with convenient hours using Certainly's platform.

Medical spas, or med spas, combine elements of cosmetic medical clinics and traditional day spas. To be considered a med spa, a facility must meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Providing noninvasive cosmetic medical treatments
  • Operating under the supervision of a medical director
  • Ensuring treatments are performed by qualified practitioners
  • Having licensed health professionals provide on-site supervision

It's important to understand these guidelines so you can choose a reputable med spa where treatments are only administered by trained professionals.

If you have cosmetic concerns about your skin or body, a med spa may be a good treatment option, as they primarily offer elective aesthetic procedures. Many people prefer med spas for cosmetic treatments because they provide a welcoming and relaxing environment compared to a dermatologist's office or medical clinic.

You can always schedule a consultation at a med spa to determine if a treatment is right for you. During the consultation, you can ask questions, view before-and-after photos, and decide what best aligns with your individual health goals.

Med spas offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures and services, including:

  • Botox injections
  • Laser hair removal
  • Body contouring treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers
  • Laser therapy
  • Acne treatment

Your med spa appointment should be a comfortable and relaxing experience. Most treatments are minimally invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. Upon arrival, you'll fill out forms detailing your medical history and aesthetic concerns. Then, you'll have a consultation with a med spa professional to discuss your goals and learn about recommended treatments, including potential risks, benefits, and expected results.

The consultation is the perfect time to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. Based on this discussion, you and the med spa professional will determine the best treatment plan to address your aesthetic goals. They may even suggest an alternative treatment that better suits your needs.

After the consultation, the med spa professional can either begin your treatment or schedule it for a future date.

Depending on the procedure, treatment can often be completed in a single outpatient session, though some may require multiple visits to achieve desired results. Treatment sessions can range from 15 minutes to a few hours, and your med spa professional will inform you of what to expect beforehand.

All treatments are performed by trained and qualified experts under the supervision of a medical professional. Most med spa treatments allow you to return to daily activities almost immediately. Be sure to follow the detailed post-care instructions provided by your med spa to ensure optimal results and minimize recovery time.

If follow-up appointments are needed, you'll schedule your next treatment before leaving the facility.

Living in Queens, like other parts of New York City, can come with unique skin concerns related to urban life. While Queens is a vibrant and exciting place to live, certain factors can take a toll on your skin, such as:

  • Pollution
  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Outdoor germs

Finding a reputable med spa can help you minimize the effects of city living on your skin.

If you're looking for cosmetic care in Queens, the Certainly platform is your solution. Not only does Certainly help you find a quality med spa near you, but it also provides transparency in med spa pricing.

Receiving a surprise bill after treatment is never a good experience. Certainly solves this problem with upfront, guaranteed pricing. The Certainly Price Protection guarantee shows you predicted prices for cosmetic treatments, so you know exactly what you'll pay. If your bill is higher, Certainly makes up the difference.

Ready for more transparent pricing for your cosmetic and healthcare needs? Find your Queens med spa on the Certainly platform today.

Queens is a vibrant and diverse borough of New York City, home to major neighborhoods like Astoria, Flushing, Jamaica, Forest Hills, and more. As one of the city's most popular areas, Queens offers a unique blend of cultures, cuisines, and experiences.

However, living in Queens can also present challenges when it comes to finding healthcare and cosmetic care providers. With so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and find the right provider for your needs. This is where platforms like Certainly come in handy, allowing you to easily compare providers, prices, and services in your area.

Unique Skin Concerns in Queens

City living can take a toll on your skin over time, making it crucial to find a dermatologist who can help protect your skin and mitigate the effects of urban life. Some common factors contributing to skin concerns in Queens include:

  • Pollution
  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Outdoor germs
Cost Considerations in Queens

Cost is another important factor for Queens residents, as healthcare and cosmetic care expenses can vary widely across providers. Some elements that influence the cost of care include:

  • Location
  • Provider experience
  • Type of treatment
  • Insurance coverage
Botox reviews for providers in Queens, NY
Certainly logo Certainly review for Wellness Med Art
5.0 (1)
Feb 4, 2024 Rommel R.Verified patient
Botox - Forehead Lines
It was a good experience and very fast
Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star
Certainly logo Certainly review for Stella Nam, BSN, RN
5.0 (1)
May 7, 2024 Susan P.Verified patient
Botox - Masseter / TMJ / Jaw
I had an initial consultation with Stella for botox injections for severe TMJ and I found her to be highly knowledgable and very thorough in her assessment/recommendations. I didn't get the injections as I reside in Cali and my insurance approved coverage there JUST before this consultation, but I could tell that Stella is very skilled and would have been thrilled with the results. Highly recommend!
Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star
Google logo Google review for Zina Goldvekht, PA
4.7 (828)
Jul 24, 2023 injoy islam
This place is great 🙌. Everyone was helpful from front desk to the Registered Nurse. I went in few mins before appointment filled out the documents, everything was simple fast and easy. I told the R.N all my issues and right away he took action and told me the necessary steps. I was a bit skeptical reading the reviews but these negative reviews are all lies. I gave it a chance and I'm very pleased. I will recommend everyone here. There's public parking available everywhere. Note you can't park in the parking lot it's not theirs.
Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star Active Star